We have started a new activity in the college from the year 2008-09- Samwad '. As the name suggests, it is a dialogue between students and leading Architects from the field. The intention of this series of dialogue is, to make the students understand the complexity of design process in depth & how an architect activates the project from conception to completion. Guest lectures by eminent personalities in Architecture , Engineering as well as allied fields related to architecture are arranged for more exposure to the students . 


   ACADEMIC YEAR 2017-18

Ms. Alka Rode :

 SAMWAD on "Rendering Techniques"  on 14th June 2017

Ms. Ujwala Barve :


SAMWAD on "Book Review" on 7th June 2017

Mr. Sanjeev Joshi :


SAMWAD on "Calligraphy in Architecture"  on 12th June 2017

Ms. Sujata Dharp


SAMWAD on "PRE-Art Architecture" on 19th June 2017 

Mr. Rohit Potdar


SAMWAD on "PRE-FAB Structure" on 29th June 2017

Mr. Ajey Madane


SAMWAD on "Valuation og Property" on 11th August 2017 

Ms. Reema Nagpal Taware


SAMWAD on "Importance of Grooming & Communication" on 23rd August 2017

Mr. Ajey Madane


SAMWAD on "Taxation" on 24th August 2017

Mr. Sanjeev Joshi


SAMWAD on "Experiential Travel" on 31st August 2017

Mr. Ajey Madane


SAMWAD on "Code of conduct" on 31st August 2017

Mr. Ajey Madane


SAMWAD on "Easements & Dilapidations" on 14th September 2017

V. Kalyanaraman


SAMWAD on "Urban Concerns-Reduce Road Accidents" on 20th September 2017

Mr. R.S.Dixit


SAMWAD on "Working Drawing" on 11th January 2018 

Mr. Rahul Wedpathak


SAMWAD on "Photography" on 23th January 2018



SAMWAD on "Importance of Republic Day" on 24th January 2018

Ms. Dhanashree Ghare


SAMWAD on "Counselling" on 14th February 2018

Mr. Vishwas Lele


SAMWAD on "Creativity" on 14th March 2018

Ms. Alka Rode


SAMWAD on "Design" on 21st March 2018

Mr. Ajey Madane


SAMWAD on "Specification Writings" on 23rd March 2018



Mr. Sunil Kulkarni

SAMWAD on " Art and Architecture"  on 12th June 2018

Ms. Dhanshree Ghare

SAMWAD ON "Student Election and FEED and lecture on Introduction of counselling" on 19th June 2018

 Ms. Kanchan Bapat

SAMWAD on " Yoga activity" on 26th June 2018

Mr. Nisihikant Gore

SAMWAD on "NBC and DC Rules" on 3rd July 2018

Ms. Reema


SAMWAD on "Personality development" on 10th July 2018

Mr. Akshay Singh


on "Ban On Plastic Bags" on 17th July 2018

Mr. Girish Doshi


SAMWAD on " Load Bearing Structure" on 31 st July 2018

Mr. Arun Atree


SAMWAD on " Air Conditioning and ducting layout" on 7th August 2018

Mr. Vanchit Vikas(NGO,Member)


SAMWAD on " AIDS Awareness" on 14th August 2018

Ms. Aparna Dixit


SAMWAD on "Cyber Crime" on 19 September 2018

Dr. Supriya Nene and MADA(Australia)


SAMWAD on Interaction round between students and MADA(Australia) on 28th September 2018