Climatology and Surveying & Leveling

The institution has a well equipped Climatology and Surveying & Leveling lab which is available for use to the students. The labs have latest equipments for the purpose of practical’s which help in better understanding of the subject. Along with lectures, The student can perform practical’s using the instruments. The labs are frequently updated in terms of equipment and infrastructure.



Workshop (Carpentry & Model making)

The institution has a well equipped workshop for Carpentry and model making to help students in their model making needs. The workshop has modern equipments both for carpentry and model making. The workshp is useful to the students in their subjects of building construction and model making.



Material Museum

The institution has a wide collection of materials related to building construction , services  and design which is displayed in the Material Museum.The material museum is open for visit to the students . The museum is updated regularly by the addition of new materials .Subject experts from the industry  are invited to install  large scale  models in the museum. Students are  also encouraged to add to the museum by collecting samples  and brochures for their construction and services subjects. 

Climatology Lab


Climatology Lab

Model Making Workshop


Carpentry & Model making Workshop 

Surveying Lab


Surveying & Leveling Lab


Material Lab


Material Museum