Arambh 20 21


AARAMBH 2020 – 21 Orientation and Induction Program

Openness is the essence of design. A receptive mind is a sponge soaking new ideas and ready to collaborate - creating a new synergy. Architecture, being a new concept in their life, a proper Orientation is needed. They need to be receptive enough to take and acknowledge new ideas. Thus the following has been proposed:

In house Orientation Program: 15th January, 2021 - 25th January, 2021
Multi-disciplinary Induction Program: 1st February, 2021 - 5th February, 2021
Induction Program with Parents: 6th February, 2021


Student Work


INNOVATION CENTER at Mumbai - Sample Portfolio of Thesis Student - Cilck Here


Lectures with support of digital aids


One-on-one interaction between the faculty and a student in a studio



Students present their work of case studies in a presentation format individually or in a group for other students and the teachers



Site visit arranged for students to gain on site practical experience


Design juries where a students explain their design to all the faculty members


Subject specific films and videos are shown to the students


Practicals on the field for the subjects like Surveying & Levelling, by taking instruments out in the field and making and documenting observations


Subject specific learning , knowledge about our own heritage happens by visiting outside resources


Group discussions are encouraged before and during creative exercises



Seminar format is adopted for teaching


Learning through observation and documentation during  study tours


Interview format is adopted to learn from practicing architects and professionals, and also to gather knowledge from the villagers during the settlement studies during study tours


Learning from printed resources takes place in the library where the students are allowed to sit in to refer the books or borrow them for detailed reading


Computer lab is used for online learning, software use and making presentations


Hands-on workshops help students to get practical knowledge of a particular skill


Hands-on workshops for students